Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Please donate!

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my lovely fiancé Aprille and I will be participating in the City of Hope Walk for Hope to cure breast cancer. If you'd like to support us with a donation, here's our easy to remember donations page.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to tip your waitress. Boogers.


At 5:28 AM, Blogger wolfie said...

If I tipped my waitress in boogers she would prolly spit in my food next time I was in.
Just sayin

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Mike Weasel said...

True, it might be best to just leave 'em under the table for the cleaning staff.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Slyeyes said...

LTTG, but I put my donation in.


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