Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pics by the buttload II

Vegas baby! These are Friday's pics.

On the road! Some desert scenery:

Mad a-drivin' thru the desert:

The world's tallest thermometer at the Bun Boy in Baker, CA. Some people consider this the first place to bet en route from L.A. to Vegas. Sorry the picture is so crappy but there was a vehicle between us and the thermometer so I had to snap one on the fly. As you can probably guess, I'm no great photographer.

We arrive safely and Polly and Mad give a toast while we await seating at the Buca del Beppo restaurant. I probably spelled that wrong. Light Haired Guy hides behind Polly and chats it up with the Meyersons in the background.

It's time to pick up Higgy and we couldn't help notice the rather obscene "Mating Aircraft" logo at Las Vegas Int'l Airport. Oh well, what happens in Vegas...

Everyone looks solemn as we realize everyone forgot to stop at an ATM and we wonder who will have to stay and do dishes. (Just kidding of course) From left to right, Mad, Jeff & Jackie Meyerson, LHG, Polly, and Higgy. I'm the one behind the camera.

My lovely fiancé proves the formula on her shirt to be true.

Polly and I take pictures of each other:


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Bravo! I love all pics!


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