Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well, I'm done with another semester of school at East Los Angeles College. In the Spring, I'll be going back to Los Angeles Community College, because it's closer to work and I won't have to mangle my work schedule. I got an A in Graphic Design I, and I think an A in Drawing II, maybe an A-. However, the teacher liked some of my stuff enough to put it in next semester's student art show. She picked my final project where I drew a portion of my cluttery bedroom, mostly a big bookcase, and a color picture we did in class with pastels (an interesting medium; very messy). Also she picked my teapots, which I didn't think were all that good. I would have chosen my self-portrait (see below) but hey, whatever. Anyway, I took some pictures, and I'll post em once I get em downloaded. Also, of course, I'll post the Dave Barry for Prez T-shirt design as well as my CD cover: "Deathtöngue: Pimples from Hell."

OK, I better behave and get offline.


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