Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Honeymoon pics!

Get yer mind outa the gutter. They aren't *those* kind of pictures. Anyway, since my lovely bride posted lots of wedding pics, I'll post some of our journey up the California coast.

We stayed on the Queen Mary until Sunday (the wedding was Friday) so we could spend a bit of time with visiting family, and we partook of the mighty international-style buffet they serve on Sunday mornings. This was in my fortune cookie. It's a bit blurry but it says, "The husband is the boss - if the wife allows." The Queen Mary thinks of everything - even marriage advice!

We drove up to Paso Robles (central CA north of San Luis Obispo, home of the famous Gum Wall) where they had a fine inn with hot spring-fed hot tubs in our room. Here's us being cheesy!

We were considering camping one of those days but it had been pretty hot so we scratched that idea and decided to go into San Francisco for a day. We managed to acquire a room at the last minute and headed north.

Candlestick Park (or whatever the heck they call it these days)

On the way to SF, we stopped at Black Bear Diner in Carmel (or was it Salinas?) and we picked up this little gal to help out with the driving. We named her Honey Moon.

We spent most of our time in SF here... Fisherman's Wharf!

What honeymoon would be complete without seeing bread in the shape of crabs and alligators?

After dinner, we decided to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. Mad got this pretty cool shot.

When we got to the other side, we saw this guy who we thought might want a ride back into the city, but he just stood there staring like some kind of ... you know, that thing people carve and put in parks? Well, whatever.

San Francisco Art!

Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough with my camera, but the guy circled had the most flagrant mullet we've ever seen, and keep in mind Mad has been to West Virginia.

Gratuitous pirate pic.

So we had lunch at the Sea Lion Cafe, famous because, right nearby, wads of sea lions bask on floating platforms and bark a lot. So I took lots of pictures but I won't bore you with them all. Just a couple:

Ah, but I'm skipping ahead. When we first got to SF, we thought, hey, let's go check out Alcatraz. I mean, it's right there. But upon calling, of course, they were sold out. Apparently you usually want to book a week in advance during the summer. But as I was buying a jacket (I wasn't used to being cold after that heat wave in July) there was a booth offering tickets and they could get us there on the boat tomorrow for only 10 bucks! What's the catch? Well if we were just willing to listen to a sales pitch about vacation timeshares... so we did it. Oh but we were going to have fun. We devised a plan that Mad would be a brilliant scientist whose career was cut short by a terrible car accident and was now horribly brain damaged, so she could act all crazy and blurt out whatever she wanted. We even thought of hooking up a computer and asking the MOAT for ideas, but we chickened out and just acted normal. We stuck it out and got our reward and even the 10 bucks back. Alcatraz was pretty cool; there was an audio tour and everything. So here's some pics of Alcatraz:

Me in the Big House.

Mad waits for lunch in the dining hall.

It's nice to know I can still practice art even if I commit heinous felonious acts. (which WBAGNFARB)

On the way back I got a nice shot of the Bay Bridge in the sunset. It leads to Oakland for you Raider fans.

Naturally, they tried to imprison us both, but fortunately we were wearing our Protective Hoodies of Invulnerability.

A nice shot of the city, including the Transamerica building and that funky tower thingy.

OK, well, that's about enough of San Fran. So we headed down to Monterey, and stayed at a nice B&B called Jabberwock Inn. But I didn't take any pictures of that, so you'll have to be satisfied with lots of pictures of sea life from the Aquarium:


We really went native while we were there.

Look! Otters!

Weasel and Giant Furry Otter.

I couldn't resist getting a T-Shirt that had "Hairy Otter" and a spoof of Harry Potter. I didn't get a pic of it though.

Hey... hello? Oh great, everyone fell asleep with all these pictures...